Tom Devlin

Tom Devlin is recognized as one of the creators of the rent-to-own industry. He is the co-founder of Rent-A-Center, and the founder of Flint Hills National Golf Club, ranked the 49th best golf course in the country.  He sold Rent-A-Center to Thorn EMI in 1987 for $584 million.  He also runs Devlin Enterprises, a private investment company that has several real estate investments including Flint Hills National Residences. Tom has been an active hunter and fisherman for most of his life. He is a member of Flint Oak from the early days and was recognized by Ray Walton as one of the founding members.

Tom is one of the founders of The Center for Entrepreneurship at Wichita State University, and Devlin Hall was “the first building in the world dedicated to entrepreneurship”. He is also involved in many other philanthropic opportunities around the country including Youth Entrepreneurs.

Devlin authored an autobiography in 2003 entitled Playing Through that focuses mostly on his experiences with Rent-A-Center, but includes more of his personal experiences outside the business.

Tom and his wife, Myra, still live in the Wichita area.