2023 Historical Award for

Charles W. "Charlie" Walker

Kansas Business Hall of Fame - Historical List

2023   Charles W. "Charlie" Walker, Entrepreneur, Conservationist and Philanthropist

2022   Joseph and Louis Wenger, Innovators and Industrialists 

2021   Junius George Groves, Agriculturalist, Community Builder

2020   Walter H. Beech, Industrialist, Aviation Pioneer

2019   Henry David Lee, Businessman, Entrepreneur, Innovator, Lee Jeans

2018​​   Robert M. Wright, Farmer, Stockman, Merchant and Public Servant
2017   A.B. 'Bob' Hudson, Businessman, Entrepreneur
2016   Georgia Neese Gray, Banking, Agriculture, and Public Service
2015   Jess Cornejo, Construction and Infrastructure
2014   William B. Strang, Railroad Builder
2013   Mark L. Morris Sr., Sr. Pioneer, Business Leader, and Philanthropist
2012   Dwane Wallace, Aviation Pioneer
2011   Joseph G. McCoy, Kansas Cattle Trade Pioneer
2010   George E. Powell, Sr., Business Innovator, Civic Leader and Philanthropist
2009   W. Frank Barton, Businessman and Philanthropist
2008   Fred Harvey, Restaurant Owner & Entrepreneur
2007   Walter Anderson and Edgar Waldo (E.W.) "Billy" Ingram, Businessmen, Restaurant Owners
2006   William Allen White, Businessman, Country Editor, and Author
2005   John J. Vanier, Grain and Milling, Cattleman, Rancher
2004   William Powell Lear, Aviation Pioneer and Inventor
2003   Clara and Russell Stover, Candy-Making and Sales
2002   Charles Quarles Chandler II, Banker, Philanthropist
2001   Cleyson L. "C. L." Brown, Utility and Telecommunications Pioneer
2000   Alva Lease Duckwall, Entrepreneur, Business Builder, and Civic Leader
1999   Lloyd Stearman, Aviation Pioneer, Aircraft Designer and Manufacturer
1998   Albert A. Hyde, Mentholatum Entrepreneur, Business Leader and Philanthropist
1997   Warren Bechtel, Construction Engineer and International Contractor
1996   Charles H. Hyer, Bootmaker Extraordinary and Civic Leader
1995   Kenneth A. Spencer, Innovator, Industrial Developer Philanthropist
1994   Thomas McNally, International Pioneer in Coal Processing Midwest Industrialist and Community Leader
1993   Ray Hugh Garvey, Entrepreneur Extraordinary, Agribusiness, Oil, Real Estate
1992   Fred C. Koch, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, World-renowned Chemical Engineer
1992   Clyde Cessna, Aviation Pioneer, Aircraft Designer, and Manufacturer
1991   Arthur Capper, Statesman, Publisher, and Benefactor of Handicapped Children
1991   Walter Chrysler, Automotive Genius, Business Strategist, Financier
1990   Dane G. Hansen, Entrepreneur, Business Leader, and Philanthropist
1990   William Coffin Coleman, Civic Leader, Industrialist, and Manufacturing Pioneer
1989   Bernhard Warkentin, Miller, Banker, and Importer and Promoter of Turkey Red Wheat
1989   Cyrus K. Holliday, Railroader and Promoter of Great Enterprises